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* SUM1's health screening/questionnaire will be sent electronically before the session to the visiting performer. Any cause for concern may result in a request for the session to be rescheduled.

* Health screening questions will be repeated on notices posted outside the facility door and entering is the visitor's agreement to such.

* Visitors are requested to call the studio at 312-654-4444 before entering the building in case there are any last-minute protocol updates.

* In general, and especially in the two weeks prior to the recording session, visitors to SUM1 Studios are strongly urged to avoid shared mass public transportation. This includes buses, trains/subways, planes etc. There is ample paid parking within a block or two from the building with the best rates via

* Voice talent are strongly suggested to arrive alone. Entourages are highly discouraged. Any visitor beyond the person being recorded needs to be approved beforehand. No surprise visitors. This includes the parent/guardian of a child actor. Arrangements will be made for such so that social distancing is maintained while allowing for supervision/coaching.

* Face coverings (nose and mouth) are required at all times throughout the 180 N. Michigan Ave building and in our suite, up until the time the voice talent is alone in an isolated voiceover booth with the doors closed behind them.

* All rooms/booths at SUM1 have glass line-of-sight into one another, so each person can be isolated safely while allowing for audible and visual interaction.

* There are several elevators in the building and there is no reason to share an elevator with anyone. SUM1 suggests only one person per elevator.

* In an effort to reduce unnecessary in-person interaction, we ask performers to let us know their height before coming to the facility so we can make mic and stand adjustments at least 30 minutes before record start time. If something in the booth needs to be adjusted during the session, the performer will be asked to vacate the booth while the Covid Compliance Officer makes the adjustment.

* Each Voiceover Booth, ADR Isolation Room and Control Room has its own entrance which does not require walking through one to get to the other. So performers can enter and leave the session without sharing air space and without any in-person contact.

* Contactless temperature readings may be taken before entering the building and/or facility. Persons with temperatures above 100.4 degrees F will not be allowed in.

* Disposable gloves and face masks will be available but visitors are urged to bring their own.

* Previously disinfected sealed bottled room-temperature water will be available to performers but bringing their own is strongly suggested. All food and snack service has been suspended during the pandemic. If a performer anticipates needing nourishment during the session, they should bring their own.

* Stations with hand sanitizer comprising of at least 60% alcohol and EPA-registered disinfectant wipes are available throughout the facility.

* A sink with soap is available in the facility for hand washing along with additional sinks in bathrooms located on each floor.

* All studio surfaces are cleaned several times a day with EPA-approved disinfectant wipes, usually as soon as the affected area has been vacated by all persons. For extra protection, porous surfaces like acoustic absorption, are sanitized with a UV wand after each studio visit.

* Additionally, all common areas in the building and suite, especially high-touch surfaces, are cleaned each evening by a professional cleaning crew.

* HVAC systems utilize MERV 13 HEPA filters from TriDim, model # 2481620213. The HVAC units run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and air flow has been increased for added safety.

* Performers are urged to bring their own copies of the scripts, whether they be printed or on a handheld device. Performers are asked to please inform SUM1 at least 30 minutes before the session if they will need us to provide scripts.

* All contracts should be handled with the agent electronically.

* Performers are urged to bring their own headphones. Closed-ear or ear plugs required. 1/4-inch plug. 1/8-inch to 1/4” mini plug adapter available. Otherwise, SUM1 headphones which are disinfected after each use will be available for the performer.

* VO and ADR Booths have a microphone, mic stand, script stand, pens/pencils, headphone amp, headphones and pop filter/windscreens, all of which are disinfected immediately after the performer leaves along with the door handles, light switches, walls and other surfaces. The two outermost layers of the microphone pop filter/windscreens are discarded after each performer as they are disposable.

* Multiple separate isolation booths are available at SUM1 Studios, each with line-of-sight into the other. Although they can accommodate more than one performer, only one performer is allowed per booth until further notice. Simultaneous multiple-talent recordings will require one booth for each talent along with staggered start times to ensure social distancing requirements. No group recordings are allowed at this time.

* All SUM1 attendees are asked to follow CDC recommended guidelines, not the least of which are practicing social distancing at all times, washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (especially after coughing or sneezing) and throwing away tissues immediately after coughing or sneezing. No handshaking, hugging, fist/elbow-bumping allowed.

* A certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer is onsite for any questions or concerns.